Entrust us your Property for rent... and do nothing!

Tahiti Mimosa villas is a travel operator (member of Atout France), specialized in Vacation Rentals.
Our team, working in the e-tourism sector for 10 years in Tahiti, greets hundreds of international travelers who trust us to organize their stay. Thanks to this experience in one of the most beautiful holiday destinations, we wish to bring you the same know-how in your area.

The Tahiti Mimosa Villas network is a Vacation Rental service combined with a local Concierge service.

Save time and troubles, outsource the rental management of your house

 Before the stay, we manage the sales, the Internet distribution channels, the reservations, the payments, damage deposits, the rental contracts
 On location, our concierge service fully takes care of the tenants, the greeting, the inventory, the household, the service providers
 After the stay, we manage the household and exit inventory, the damage deposit, the guests' reviews and the reputation of your property

An additional set of services can also be poposed by our concierge, ranging from stage coaching, opening up / closing down the property during the wintering periods, and even full property management.

OUR OBJECTIVE: to free you from all the constraints of Vacation Rentals

By entrusting us your house for vacation rental management, you opt for a global and transparent solution.

Save time and troubles, outsource the rental management of your house

Our full-service offering

We manage it all!
From the piloting of the distribution channels, the reservations, the relation with the travelers, the payments, the greeting of the guests, the supply of the linen, the inventories and households of entrance/exits, the assistance to the tenants during their stay, the damage deposits, the small repairs, to the post-travel reputation.

Publishing on the Internet distribution channels

Ensure an Internet visibility
We publish your property on Tahiti Mimosa Villas and on the Internet marketplaces (Homeaway, Booking, Flipkey, Tripadvisor, AirBnb, etc.). We establish a multi-channel visibility to ensure promotion and a regular flow of reservations.

Your calendar synchronised in real time

Your private space
You can block your dates at any time by reaching your personal calendar in your private space. This calendar automatically synchronizes with the holiday rentals portals, which allows to avoid all the double reservation errors.

Our Tahiti Mimosa Villas concierge

One of our concierges is allocated to your property
He completely takes care of tenants since their arrival till the end of their stay, assures and oversees the service providers, and can manage the small repairs (with your agreement).
You have nothing to do.

The Tahiti Mimosa Villas concierge knows perfectly well your property and emphasizes it at all times.

Insurance for your property and your valuables

A complete insurance
Be covered by a specific insurance for your vacation rental activity (Civil resp.), your property and your valuables. Each guest also subscribes a mandatory insurance and gives Tahiti Mimosa Villas a damage deposit to cover for the small possible incidents.

Legal and fiscal information

Regulations in evolution
We keep you updated with the legal and fiscal regulations concerning temporary rentals. We forward you information, as well as local regulations, but we don't supply legal nor fiscal advice.

A win / win partnership

Entrust us your property and get your return on your investment. Collect your rents by caring of nothing.

by becoming our partner

Let us drive all the technology

The DIY days are definitely over
Over the past few years technology drastically complicated, this now requires a high level supervision and workflow expertise.
 See a glimpse,
of our technological environment

Tahiti Mimosa Villas proposes a full-service offering. You can rent your property in full confidence :)

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